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"To be the best outstanding Divisional Secretariat that accomplishes the needs and wants of the general public with high productivity"



"Uplifting the locale folk life in line with the government policies by efficient, firm and planned development process through provision of service, co-ordinating resources and civil association"


History of the Weligama Divisional Secretariat

After Sri Lanka has became a Britain crown colony, the Colebrooke Commission which was appointed in 1829 has presented recommendations to regulate regional administration, appoint Government Agents establishing Provisional Councils and divide each of the provinces to few districts under Assistant Government Agents. Hence the Southern Province was stipulated and it consisted of the area from the River Benthara to the Kumbukkan Oya. However the present southern province emerges in the year 1881.

By the year 1890, Matara was nominated as a sub agent division thus separating it into five (5) revenue/income divisions, Weligama Koralaya, Morawak Koralaya, Gangabada Paththuwa, Kandabada Paththuwa and Wellabada Paththuwa with appointments of Mudliars to each division to assist the ruling Agent. With the independence in 1948, these five (5) revenue/income divisions has been redistributed into eleven (11) for the better convenience of admin. At this the seperation of Weligama Koralaya took place as North, South and West and the Weligama Sub Government Agent Division was recognized as the Weligama Koralaya West. The division included thirty-two (32) Grama Niladhari Divisions and was streamlined to eighty-six (86) Grama Niladhari divisions for further ease of administration. In 1992, there established a new divisional secretariat called Welipitiya consisted of thirty-eight (38) of the above Grama Niladhari divisions. And the rest forty-eight (48) Grama Niladhari divisions formed the Weligama Divisional Secretariat Area.

Weligma Divisional Secretariat vicinity situated in Matara District to the west consists of an area of 4400 hectares and possesses the natural harbor called Weligama Bay, a fisheries harbor, an adorable coastal line, River Polathumodara flowing through the city/area and a scheme of tanks and anicuts with a population mix of rural and urban folks. The Matara - Colombo Main Road and the Railway Line also run through the divisional secretariat.

The Weligama Divisional Secretariat area is bounded by north, the Welipitiya and the Malimbada Divisional Secretariats, by south, nearly an eighteen (18) kilometres of coastal line from Kamburugmauwa to the Bridge Goviyapana and by west, the Habaraduwa Divisional Secretariat of the Galle District.


Divisional Secretaries who leaded Weligama Divisional Secretariat


Service Period

Mr. Ranadewa Fernando

Mr. Andrahannadi

Mr. Pilapitiya

Mr. Warnakulasooriya

Mr. Rupasiri Wellage

Mr. A. Samarasinghe

Mr. K.D.R.N. Wijesinghe

Mr. R.P.D. Fransisco

January 1990 – December 1990

Mr. K.D.R.N. Ashoka

January 1991 – October 1991

Mrs. W.K.K. Athukorala

November 1991 – December 1992

Mr. P.S. Ediriweera

January 1993 – September 1994

Mrs. W.K.K. Athukorala

October 1994 - February 2002

Mr. C. Mudalige

March 2002 – September 2003

Mr. G.D.K. Thilakarathne

June 2004 - February 2005

Mr. A.W. Sarath

March 2005 – May 2009

Mrs. E.A.C. Vidanagamachchi

June 2009 – September 2012

Mrs. M. Liyanaarachchi

October 2012 up to Now


Weligama Divisional Secretariat


Weligama Divisional Secretariat Division Map


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